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Join us to learn how others in your industry — including more than 1,000 government agencies — meet the growing demands in government regarding transparency, resiliency, self-service, mobility and compliance. Identify the areas that provide the biggest return on your investment by leveraging your existing systems.

 Lunch will be provided.


11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Topics covered will include:

Providing a Complete View with Case Management
Case Manager automates manual processes and provides a complete 360° view of the citizen.  It enables the capture of all supporting documentation, conversations and outcomes. As cases are collected, the case worker is able to analyze and identify trends that may be essential. This agile solution can change as legislation changes without involving IT, making it quick and easy for the agency to adjust the process in line with new legislation. Case Manager is ideal for managing civil rights, fraud, workers compensation, and many other processes.

FOIA - Automating Public Records Requests 
Managing public records is a common challenge across all government agencies, regardless of size. The challenge is managing access to records both internally (within the agency) and externally through public access viewers and/or public records requests (FOIA requests). This session will show how to manage records based on their retention schedule, how agencies can seamlessly share documents through a public viewer, and automate the FOIA request process using workflow and an external access client portal.

Managing Records Retention
As your organization grows, so do information assets and the burden to retain and manage them while complying with records retention state and federal policies. This session focuses on how to reduce the cost of compliance by eliminating the time and labor associated with declaring documents as records, ensuring records are complete, facilitating record disposition and proving compliance through reporting. We’ll look at key components of both Document Retention and Records Management and how to automate these kinds of tasks, eliminating manual processes while providing consistent retention strategies across the entire agency. Join us as we demonstrate transparent records management practices that will help you manage the process, not the pieces.

Improving Constituent Services
Government organizations are faced with the harsh reality that technology has pushed constituents to the point of “instant gratification.” People no longer want to wait in line, fill out a paper form, engage via snail mail, etc. We will discover several unique, secure ways to engage with requestors regardless of the business function. This session will demonstrate live government websites that are engaging with constituents for self-service portals, forms and several other unique applications.

1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

* Agenda subject to change
Venue hosted by D.C. Office of Human Rights

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