If you want to save money on storage of outsourced records or clear your desk and files, Konica Minolta can help.

It's risky to protect your business continuity when there are uncontrollable natural disasters. Fires, floods and winds can destroy your critical business documents.

Have you ever thought about:

Losing the paper files you rely on to run your business?
• Aging archive records that you should have purged long ago?
• Monthly payments to off-site storage locations because you have so much paper?
• Searching for specific documents because of an audit?
• Security of your employee records - only a lock file cabinet?
• Moving locations and having to haul a lot of file boxes with you?

Do you have a handle on the paper you have stored versus what you need to keep your business going? Out of sight, out of mind?

If you think you could save space and time to search for what you need with digital documents, then we can help.

Contact us today to let us know about your scanning project.