Top 3 Strategies for Building Your Proven Blueprint for Pathways to Success

Wednesday, September 18

12:30pm ET • 60 Minutes


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Discover the top three strategies for building a proven blueprint for success under CMS’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Pathways to Success program. Learn the best practices of how high-performing Accountable Care Organizations ACOs have achieved financial success, as well as lessons learned from ACO organizations from the past years. Specific insights are shared to help attendees create their own “blueprint,” as well as recommendations on how to measure and predict results.

Key takeaways from the session include:

  • Attributes of financially successful ACOs and other organizations participating in value-based care (VBC)
  • Steps and initiatives important in building an action-oriented blueprint for success
  • Recommendations on the analytics that are key in tracking performance and predicting future VBC performance

About the Value-Based Care Program
Konica Minolta, and All Covered, the IT Services Division, have a Value-Based Care platform designed in partnership with Lightbeam Health Solutions. The solution enables healthcare organizations to optimize clinical quality, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction while enabling the leap to forward-thinking value-based care models.

The end-to-end solution provides key and relevant information across the care continuum to give providers a holistic view of their patients. The value of patient data enables a better understanding of population needs, aligning behavior with present and future incentive models. Its SaaS-based platform enables providers to deploy rapidly and easily.

The platform provides advanced analytics by leveraging both structured and unstructured data from Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), claims, and other such repositories. Konica Minolta and All Covered aggregate this patchwork of data sources to provide actionable insights at the point of care.

About Lightbeam Health Solutions
Lightbeam Health Solutions delivers a revolutionary model for managing patient populations and associated risk. Lightbeam’s vision is to bring health data into the light through the use of analytics and to provide the insight and capabilities healthcare clients need to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. Lightbeam’s platform facilitates end-to-end population health management for ACOs, payers, provider groups, health systems, and other healthcare organizations aspiring to provide superior care at a lower cost.

Maha Salah-Ud-Din, MPH

Senior Advisor

Lightbeam Health Solutions

Maha has implemented enterprise population health management software in over 15 accountable care organizations. These ACOs represent nearly 1 million patients' lives. Since beginning her time at Lightbeam, Maha has developed extensive value-based care playbooks, ACO roadmaps, and other advisory program initiatives while providing exceptional support for her clients.