Protect Your Business with an Employee Defensive

There is no doubt that Cybersecurity is a must have component of all businesses.  But just how serious is it?  There are multiple cases across numerous industries of consumers having their personal information compromised and the root of the problem can originate anywhere. 

It happens to even the largest of companies – hackers are using businesses' best employees to gain access and steal the most fruitful information.  But how does it all happen?  And what can you do today to stop this from happening?

In this 30 minute webcast, we’ll learn from Tim Coker, National Manager of Security Services for All Covered just how these situations keep popping up on our newsfeed. 

We’ll cover:

How are hackers using your best employees to get in

Examples of the Cybersecurity Threats

Best practices for helping employees remain secure and avoiding ransomware or phishing scams



One random attendee will win a Critical Controls Assessment of their business, a prize valued at $10,000. 

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